Conjugation of the Imperfect Tense

Imperfect tense (الفعل المُضَارِع) includes two tenses, i.e. Present tense, and Future tense. It means that it gives the meaning of both Present and Future tense. Given below is the conjugation of the imperfect tense based on three verbs, i.e. يَذْهَبُ, يَجْلِسُ and يَكْتُبُ.

The Conjugation of the Imperfect Tense with the verb “يَذْهَبُ”

He goes/He will go3rdMasculineSingularيَذْهَبُ
They go/They will go3rdMasculineDualيَذْهَبانِ
They go/They will go3rdMasculinePluralيَذْهَبُوْنَ
She goes/She will3rdFeminineSingularتَذْهَبُ
They go/They will go3rdFeminineDualتَذْهَبَانِ
They go/They will go3rdFemininePluralيَذْهَبْنَ
You go/You will go2ndMasculineSingularتَذْهَبُ
You go/You will go2ndMasculineDualتَذْهَبَانِ
You go/You will go2ndMasculinePluralتَذْهَبُوْنَ
You go/You will go2ndFeminineSingularتَذْهَبِيْنَ
You go/You will go2ndFeminineDual تَذْهَبَانِ
You go/You will go2ndFemininePluralتَذْهَبْنَ
I go/ I will go1stMas./Fem.Singularأَذْهَبُ
We go/ We will go1stMas./Fem.Dual/Pluralنَذْهَبُ

The Conjugation of the Imperfect Tense with the verb”يَجْلِسُ”

He sits/He will sit3rdMasculineSingularيَجْلِسُ
They sit/They will sit3rdMasculineDualيَجْلِسَانِ
They sit/They will sit3rdMasculinePluralيَجْلِسُوْنَ
She sits/She will sit3rdFeminineSingularتَجْلِسُ
They sit/They will sit3rdFeminineDualتَجْلِسَانِ
They sit/They will sit3rdFemininePluralيَجْلِسْنَ
You sit/You will sit2ndMasculineSingularتَجْلِسُ
You sit/You will sit2ndMasculineDualتَجْلِسَانِ
You sit/You will sit2ndMasculinePluralتَجْلِسُوْنَ
You sit/You will sit2ndFeminineSingularتَجْلِسِيْنَ
You sit/You will sit2ndFeminineDualتَجْلِسَانِ
You sit/You will sit2ndFemininePluralتَجْلِسْنَ
I sit / I will sit1stMas./Fem.Singularأَجْلِسُ
We sit / We will sit1stMas./Fem.Dual/Pluralنَجْلِسُ

The Conjugation of the Imperfect Tense with the verb “يَكْتُبُ”

He writes/He will write3rdMasculineSingularيَكْتُبُ
They write/They will write3rdMasculineDualيَكْتُبَانِ
They write/They will write3rdMasculinePluralيَكْتُبُوْنَ
She writes/She will write3rdFeminineSingularتَكْتُبُ
They write/They will write3rdFeminineDualتَكْتُبَانِ
They write/They will write3rdFemininePluralيَكْتُبْنَ
You write/You will write2ndMasculineSingularتَكْتُبُ
You write/You will write2ndMasculineDualتَكْتُبَانِ
You write/You will write2ndMasculinePluralتَكْتُبُوْنَ
You write/You will write2ndFeminineSingularتَكْتُبِيْنَ
You write/You will write2ndFeminineDualتَكْتُبَانِ
You write/You will write2ndFemininePluralتَكْتُبْنَ
I write / I will write1stMas./Fem.Singularأَكْتُبُ
We write / We will write1stMas./Fem.Dual/Pluralنَكْتُبُ

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