Meaning of Sirah in Islam

Meaning of Sirah

The meaning of Sirah, First of all, the word Sirah is not a new term; it has also been recognized and used in the past. In the present era, it is well known all over the world both in its linguistic sense as well as its terminological one.

Literal Meaning of Sirah

It is an Arabic word which is derived from the Arabic verb “Sāra (سَارَ)”, “Yasīru (يَسِيرُ)”, “Sairan (سَيراً)” and “Masīran (مَسِيراً)”. Linguistically, it means “to travel” or “to be on a journey”.

The Meaning of Sirah in Arabic Dictionaries

In Arabic Dictionaries, the meanings of Sīrah are given as – tradition, the way, the character, etc. In “Al-Mawrid” and “Hans-Wehr dictionary” (Arabic to English), its meanings are listed as conduct, comportment, demeanor, attitude, behavior, way of life, way of acting, biography, memoir; life history; curriculum vitae, etc.

Similarly, in “Mauṣū‘ah Kashshāf Iṣṭilāḥāt al-Funūn wal ‘Ulūm”, the meaning of Siyer (plural of Sīrah) is mentioned as biographies, conducts, manner of dealing with others, the life of Prophet Mohammed – Biographies.

The Meaning in Encyclopedia of Islam

Encyclopedia of Islam explains that it means way of going; way of acting, conduct, way of life; memorable action, record of such action, biography, the life and times of…, and it has been extensively used for the traditional account of Prophet Muhammad’s life and background.

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